Entrée d'Alexandre dans Babylone (28 cm x 20 cm)

Dimension: 28 x 20 cm

Reproduction of painting by Charles le Brun.

Alexander the Great, after his victory over Darius, made a triumphant entry into the fabulous city of Babylon, whose hanging gardens and their terrace can be recognized in the background.

The emperor is in the central area of the painting on the right, standing on a chariot drawn by two elephants.

In the foreground, we can identify Bagophanès, guardian of the citadel of Babylon.

To his right, on a stretcher carried by two servants, stands a chiseled vase, belonging to the treasury of Darius, being delivered to Alexander.

Limestone cast. Wood frame.

Completing time: 11 months. 

Price: €290.00
With frame
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